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People who had conservatories built or who inherited a conservatory when purchasing a new house soon realised that the space created was only usable for part of the year because it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  As the conservatory aged they also had problems with water leaks in the roof especially with polycarbonate roofs.


Conservatories are now evolving along with consumer demand for a new generation of living space that can be used all year round.  Our tiled and insulated roof provides just that environment.  It has superior insulation and sound absorbing qualities, a choice of internal finishes and can be used all year round.


The Conservatory Crown insulated and tiled roof offers an internal contemporary or traditional finish with a choice of plaster or UPVC shiplap finish.  It turns your conservatory into an extension to your house by making it into an additional usable room e.g. lounge, dining room, study, office, playroom, family room or garden room.


A new tiled conservatory roof is energy saving by reducing heating and cooling bills.  It also creates a room in which you can comfortably read, use a computer or watch television in as well as considerably reducing any glare or brightness caused by translucent roofs.


It adds value to your property.  Traditional conservatories are not always seen as adding real value to a property because they are not a usable room all year round. An additional sun room usable 365 days a year that offers extra living space is definitely seen as adding value to a property.  It reduces maintenance time and cost.  Traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs have a limited life expectancy of 10 years, or less for polycarbonate roofs and even the most expensive glass roofs can suffer rubber gasket deterioration within a similar time frame. They also require regular cleaning inside and out to keep them looking good. A tiled conservatory roof requires little or no maintenance at all, looks good all the time and comes with a manufacturer’s backed 40 year guarantee for total peace of mind.


There is less damage to furniture, flooring, furnishings and electrical goods.  A tiled conservatory roof protects the contents of the room from direct sunlight (UV rays) which causes bleaching and fading.  It also insulates the room so that a suitable temperature can be maintained all year round to prevent damage to contents caused by excessive heat or cold and dampness.


Our surveyor will be happy to explain the benefits to you with no obligation and no pressure.


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