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conservatory crown ROOF SYSTEM

The roof system is the lightest roof system currently on the market.  It also has the most efficient U-Value of 0.12 on the market making it the preferred choice amongst conservatory owners.  Our system is built from light weight, thermally efficient layers that, when built around your current roof, solves heat, cold and noise issues.


This means that there is no need to dismantle and remove your current roof structure saving you £1000's.


Why not take advantage of a free site survey with one of our experienced surveyors to see what you can save?


The TRC Roof System



      1. Tapco Slate Effect Tile


      2. Breather Membrane


      3. Eaves Guard


      4. OSB3 Board


      5. Celotex


      6. Timber Batten


      7. Insulation Quilt


      8. Plaster or UPVC finish


      9. New Fascia's & Guttering

1. Tapco Slate Effect Tile   


Made from recyclable plastic and Dolomite limestone, Tapco Slate has the random texture and edges of natural slate.


TapcoSlate is lightweight (from only 12 kgs/sq. metre), easy to handle and can be fixed by either hammer and nail or nail gun.


Strong, cost effective, recyclable and attractive.


No breakage, wastage, drilling or sorting required.


When tested to BS476 part 3, an AA fire rating is achieved for installation on boarded roofs.


A production induced camber ensures the slates follow the roof contours for maximum wind uplift protection.


Tapco Slates have excellent weathering characteristics. They will not curl, lift or de-laminate and are impermeable to water.


Available in a range of attractive colours and blends.


BBA Certified.


Tapco Slates are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.


2. Breather Membrane     


Grafter breather membrane is a lightweight hybrid treatable roof underlay. It is a 3 layer spun bond based membrane that provides excellent performance whilst being lightweight and flexible. Suitable for both warm and cold roof applications.


High performance breather membrane for tiled and slate pitched roofs and any pitched supported or unsupported constructions.



    Certification : BBA certified.

    Reaction to fire : EN 13501 Class E to EN 11925-2.

3. Eaves Guard   

The Ubbink eaves protection system is designed for use in both refurbishment projects and new build to provide an effective level of eaves protection. Protects the roofing underlay from UV degradation









The rigid pre-formed strips are suitable for use in roof pitches of 15°-70°. Made from PVC-U. Directs water away from underlay into the gutter

4. OSB3 Board   

OSB3 board is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions and in keeping with current construction methods of working towards healthier homes, all OSB3 panel products have been manufactured using zero added formaldehyde.


Conditioned to perform in humid environments, OSB3 is the FSC certified alternative to plywood and is suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as roofing, flooring, wall sheathing and hoarding.


A hard wearing, precision engineered wood based panel, ideal for humid structural applications The panel is easy to saw, drill, nail, plane or sand. Nails can be driven as close as 8mm from the panel edge without splitting

Panels may be glued with any PVA adhesive recommended for wood, and painted with any quality wood paint system

The panel meets the E1 requirements as stated in EN13986:2004 or class 1 of EN 300, ultra low formaldehyde

The panel must be conditioned as per the manufacturers instructions prior to installation.



5. Celotex 

Celotex TB4000 is a multi-purpose insulation board developed to provide simple solutions for overcoming localised thermal bridges.

With low emissivity foil facings, TB4000 is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) using a blend of blowing agents that have zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP). Our 12mm product positions Celotex as the manufacturer of the broadest range of product thicknesses, from 12mm-200mm.


The insulation shall be Celotex TB4000 comprising a polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation core, with a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK and low emissivity aluminium foil facings on both sides. TB4000 is A+ rated when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008 and is CFC/HCFC free with zero ODP and low GWP.


Celotex TB4000 can be specified for use in a variety of applications such as pitched roofs, flat roofs, solid masonry walls, floors, timber framed & steel framed systems.


CE marking compliance to BS EN 13165:2001 and manufactured in accordance with quality management systems BS EN ISO 9001:2000 by Celotex Limited. All products must be installed in accordance with instructions issued by Celotex Limited.


TB4000 specifications

Is specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridges.

Comes in thicknesses ranging from 12 - 45mm, making it the thinnest PIR insulation available, in a standard board size of 1200mm x 2400mm.

 Is suitable for use in a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems.

 Is easy to cut and shape.

Includes low emissivity foil facings giving improved thermal insulation performance within cavity air spaces. Provides reliable long-term energy savings for buildings.


6. Timber Batten  


Treated counter batten perfect for creating an air gap below rafters. High quality treated sawn timber for general construction uses.


High Pressure treated with Tanalith 'E' (or similar). All of our softwoods are responsibly sourced.




7. Insulation Quilt


The brighter way to insulate.

The multi-foil system certified to achieve 0.18W/m²

TLX Silver insulation is a thin, flexible multi-foil for roof and wall applications.


TLX Silver can be used for 100mm and 150mm rafter installations in new build, barn conversion and refurbishment projects including loft extensions (new build in a traditional roof) either over or under rafters.


BBA approved, TLX Silver saves time and guarantees 0.18W/m² It stops air leakage by providing an air-tight vapour barrier and restricting air movement in its multi-foil layers.


8. UPVC cladded finish  

Hollow soffit is a popular choice because of its attractive panelled effect and installation friendly tongue and groove profile.

The hollow soffit range comes in a choice of 100mm, 250mm and 300mm widths with accompanying trims and ventilation accessories to ensure a neat and professional installation.

Hollow soffit is 10mm thick and is available in wide range of solid colours and woodgrain finishes.

Hollow rigid products are not recommended for use on external cladding applications.


OR  Plaster Finish   

Knauf Vapour Panel has a metallised polyester foil creating an effective vapour barrier to limit

moisture diffusion, ideal for lining external walls and roofs.


Certification : EN 14190.


9. New Fascia's & Guttering    

The shape of the 114mm square style rainwater system provides a very clean and simple look, ideal in structures with contemporary styling. The clean lines of the gutter and downpipe systems give a flow capacity up to 20% higher than half round systems which means not only does Square style look good it performs well.

Square style like Round style, Deep style and Prostyle features integral fixing clips that allow quick and easy snap together assembly on the gutter length. Careful design ensures these are robust enough to provide years of trouble free service yet are flexible enough to allow simple installation. The outlets and unions feature external fixing wings, making them power tool friendly for simple installation.

Brett Martin’s rainwater systems have been successfully tested for accelerated ageing in accordance with BS EN 607: 1995. The manufacturer guarantees the colour-fastness of white rainwater systems for a period of ten years from date of manufacture.


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